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Service grid

Our Services

While we offer standalone financial planning and consulting services, our primary focus is asset management.  This begins with meeting(s) with a client to review the client’s goals, needs, financial situation and risk tolerance.  With the client’s permission, we may also work with the client’s tax and legal advisors to make sure we coordinate income and estate tax planning strategies.

Investment Plan

We will propose an investment plan that may include individual stocks and bonds, ETFs, mutual funds or other securities.  We may suggest the use of a properly licensed or registered sub-advisor if we feel that the sub-advisor will serve the client’s interests.  With approval from the client, we will work to establish or transfer investment accounts.  Once the assets are under our management, the accounts are reviewed and holdings may rebalanced or adjusted to meet the goals of the plan.


As an independent adviser, we are free to make business decisions that place our clients’ needs over profits. To help us accomplish that, we decided to devote our time to selecting investments in the best interests of our clients and chose Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions (FCCS) to act as the independent custodian of our clients’ assets. Our clients benefit from the long experience of Fidelity to safeguard their assets and receive independent reporting directly from Fidelity.  They are also able to access their accounts at anytime from anywhere, by phone or through Fidelity’s client portal.