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Buckley Wealth Management, LLC is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2017. Our team of financial advisors provides wealth management support for not-for-profit organizations and for high net-worth clients and their families. Through our deep passion for our industry comes an even greater interest in the people we serve.


Brian J. Buckley, our firm’s founder and owner, offers more than 38 years of financial services experience, but equally important, he offers an unwavering commitment to each client. Hard work, integrity, and faith in his team and his clients characterize his long career.


We work diligently for our clients every day. We’ve built a business committed to providing exceptional service, always putting you first, and evolving our methods to provide wealth management solutions that are valuable to you and your family. Honoring these commitments is the cornerstone of Buckley Wealth Management.

Meet the team

Who We Are

Brian J. Buckley

Brian J. Buckley

Managing Partner/CIO

Brian brings more than 38 years of experience to the service of our clients, as well as a keen understanding of the complexities that so often accompany wealth. He was one of the first Financial Advisors to earn the prestigious Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) designation from The Wharton School in 1988.

Lori Chittenden

Lori Chittenden

Portfolio Manager

Lori Chittenden brings a wealth of knowledge about financial planning. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Lori has completed the CFP® exam — one of the generalist marks that financial advisors receive after undergoing a rigorous accreditation process. Lori has worked in several investment offices around the country, but returned to Las Vegas in 2013 to work again with Brian Buckley and his team.

Dawn Buchan

Dawn Buchan

Director of Operations

Since 1978, Dawn has provided client service and strategic operational and administrative support to investment clients. In 1978 she moved to Las Vegas and joined PaineWebber, learning the ins and outs of back office operations. In 1983 she moved to Dean Witter Reynolds, which eventually merged into Morgan Stanley.  In 2010 she brought her knowledge of the industry to Brian’s team and quickly became the gracious initial point of contact for our clients.

Why a Bristlecone?

The tree itself – long-lived, resilient, adaptable – beautiful in form and character. Great Basin bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) are the oldest non-clonal trees on earth. In Nevada, the oldest trees are found in the mountain ranges of Eastern Nevada. At lower elevations, the bristlecones grow more upright and are covered with green foliage. Above the timberline, high winds, drought, extreme cold, and short growing seasons slow the growth of the trees and contort them into twisted, gnarly forms covered with small amounts of long-lived foliage. The wood becomes dense and resistant to pests, rot, and erosion. Low foliage reduces the risk of fire. The oldest trees are found where the conditions are the most demanding.

Nevada’s oldest bristlecone was believed to be Prometheus. It grew near Wheeler Peak in Nevada and was estimated to be 4,900 years old when a glaciologist cut it down to determine its age! A tree has since been found in the Great Basin that is older than poor Prometheus; its location not been disclosed to the public. The oldest of these ancient trees grows in California and is believed to be over 5,000 years old.

Brian’s involvement with the establishment of the Great Basin National Park

In 1998, after decades of failed attempts to establish a national park in the Great Basin, a group of dedicated Nevadans joined together to create an advocacy and fundraising group to support the creation of the park. The remarkable chairwoman of the new Great Basin National Park Foundation asked Brian to help. Under her steady leadership, the park’s visitors’ center was built, a new bridge crossed Baker Creek, and an oral history program was started to capture the memories of Great Basin residents. In 1986 President Reagan signed the Great Basin National Park Act of 1986 and launched Nevada’s first national park. We honor those who worked to establish this park and those who maintain it today.

In 1987, the Nevada legislature adopted the bristlecone pine as the state’s second state tree.

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