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Over the past 38 years our business has changed significantly. Originally, advisors primarily bought and sold stocks and bonds and received a commission for those transactions. About 20 years ago, we began to migrate toward a strategy of portfolio management including the hiring of third-party investment managers where appropriate. In 2010, we developed our in-house investment process to complement our third-party managers.


Now, as a robust and independent RIA, our most important responsibility is to ensure the secure safekeeping of your assets. We have chosen Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions (FCCS) to act as custodian of our clients’ assets.  FCCS is one of the largest providers of clearing and settlement services in the world and is part of Fidelity Investments.  FCCS provides a comprehensive clearing and custody platform, brokerage services, and trading capabilities built upon a foundation of exceptional people and transformative technology.


In some ways, the years you spend accumulating assets are a bit like the exhibition season before games really count. Your assets may rise and fall in value, but you don’t really need them to meet expenses. Once you retire, however, the regular season begins. You’ll be using your assets and since you are no longer working, you will not be earning income to replace them. That’s why we work so closely with clients approaching this phase of their lives. We help them plan for the distributions they will require to maintain their lifestyles and meet specific objectives that require substantial cash outlays. Once we quantify your cash flow needs, we create an investment approach to meet them within your required timeframe. Our strategy typically focuses on total return and includes equities, as well as fixed income. In addition, we place a heavy emphasis on after-tax return, employing tactics to minimize taxes and keep your distributions as intact as possible.


Your estate plan is essentially an extension of your retirement distribution strategy. Instead of planning distributions for yourself, however, you are planning them for other family members. As a result, we try to learn as much as we can about those family members – what you want for each of them and whether some need more financial support than others. Are there circumstances that might compel you to establish trusts so distributions are made with conditions attached or in manageable increments? What about contingencies that might sabotage your plan if left unattended? At Buckley Wealth Management, we collaborate with you, your attorney and accountant to create and implement a plan that reflects your wishes and values, while taking advantage of provisions in the tax law to minimize estate tax and avoid unnecessary erosion of your legacy.


Some heirs are hardworking and financially savvy. Others are equally hard working but lack the experience to manage substantial assets. Still others place a priority on philanthropy, while their siblings or children spend more than they earn.

You know your family and understand their unique dynamics. You know who everyone looks to for guidance and who needs that guidance most. You’re aware of rifts and conflicts that might be exacerbated by perceived financial favoritism.

We seek to share your knowledge as we create your plan and meet with all your family members to understand what makes each of them unique. Many clients ask us to tutor their spouse, children and/or grandchildren on financial basics so they are better equipped to manage the legacy they will inherit someday. In addition, we often serve as impartial facilitators who can help family members reach decisions, reconcile their differences and perpetuate the values you’ve tried to instill.


BWM service offering

Through our passion for the industry and determination to serve our clients well, we promise to:


Serve as a fiduciary who puts your interests first.


Engage a third party custodian – a secure, stable, highly reputable financial safekeeping company.


React quickly to new ideas – a benefit of autonomy from a distant bureaucracy.


Secure third-party service providers who provide compliance support, technology, and marketing.


Select outstanding financial products from a wide, competitive market and obtain best execution and lowest prices.


Appoint the third-party managers who share our commitment to excellence, without the limitations imposed by the restrictions of a single firm.